Mountain Mist 50K Trial Run
2012 Results

Thanks to a great team of workers who produced these results for the race this year. Travel crew included Carl Smith, Dan Bond, Shelley Sanders, Mark Speer, Brent Smith and Jim Oaks. Finish area crew included Sarah Bowden, James Morris, Paul Dubley, Doug Herring and others. Aid station data collectors included Brent Wren and several others at Aid Station 2; Annette Evers at Aid Station 3; John Bezdell and others at Aid Station 4; Beth Edwards and the Armstrong girls at Aid Station 5 and Grady Edwards at Aid Station 6. (Note: no splits are posted for Aid Station 6.)

Also a big thanks goes to Jon Elmore and the Decatur Club, River City Runners, for instructions and use of the IPICO chip timing equipment.

Overall Results
Age Group Results
All Splits
Women Splits